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Tips for Saving Money on Your Heating Bills

Heaters produce air movement as hot air rises and then falls as it cools.

All heaters produce air movement as the hot air rises from the heater to the ceiling. Air is cooled when in contact with windows and poorly insulated walls and ceilings. The cooled air falls and is drawn back along the floor to the heater.

Sitting in draughts created by air movement can make you feel much colder. Minimise draughts from windows and use heavy curtains with snug pelmets or other ways of preventing air flow through gaps at the top and sides of window coverings to stop convection and radiant heat loss. Always consider appropriate clothing to stay warm and reduce the effects of draughts. Position your furniture to deflect or avoid draughts.

Position your heater and furniture to deflect and avoid draughts.

Choosing a correctly sized heater (and cooler) is very important. Do not install an oversized heater, as you will be wasting money on buying a bigger heater than you need and wasting energy/money in operating it. Expert advice helps make sure you are choosing a correctly sized heater.

An oversized heater wastes money and energy.